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I did my monthly picture collage for 2009. But those pictures didn’t quite capture the whole year. Let’s see if I can get it with a list. This will be roughly chronological, but not completely.

  1. Injured all the soft tissue in my thumb. Even though I did it the first of January, it’s still giving me problems and is making writing thank you cards a little hard because I can only do a few before it starts to hurt too much.
  2. I had pink eye for the first time ever. Woke up with it New Years Day actually. Things are going much better there this time around.
  3. I moved this site to a new server, giving me more control over several things. And then I added a whole new site to the server.
  4. I went to the Tucson Quilter’s Guild show. Maybe I’ll join this year.
  5. Brett & I decided we should date officially.
  6. It snowed in Tucson!! :cactus: :snow:
  7. I vented a lot about some stupid things married people do when they’re talking to single people.
  8. I had fun looking at the sky and taking some great pictures.
  9. I tried to grow a garden in Tucson. It didn’t really work that well. I’m going to try again. I’ll probably have to start it in a week or so to make it work this year.
  10. I made some quilts. Like my ice cream quilt.
  11. I had a party to celebrate Pi Day, Einstein’s birthday, and Ides of March. :silly:
  12. I got called to jury duty. But was still told by the university that I’m not a state resident.
  13. I saw a lot of weird people on the bus. :annoy:
  14. I tried some new ways to sew that involve dropped feed dogs and freezer paper and I love how they work out.
  15. I was asked to teach some undergraduate classes, and had a great time doing it!
  16. Brett told me he loved me. I replied with a very romantic, “Really?” :kiss:
  17. I saw, and loved, the new Star Trek movie and “Up.”
  18. I put up my bird feeders and opened Café Giggles for the birds.
  19. Brett asked me to marry him and I replied with a simple, “Yes.” :love:
  20. I got a lot of sewing done so I could get it out of the way so I’d be able to do all the sewing for our wedding that I wanted to do.
  21. I saw “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” three times in the theater (I went with different people each time).
  22. I turned 31. 😀
  23. Brett & I went to Utah when my now in-laws got home from their mission.
  24. Brett & I went to St. Louis when my brother got married. :heart:
  25. I was a guest contributor on another blog. :woot:
  26. I got kidney stones. :sick:
  27. I had to replace the starter in my car, the rear bumper when an old lady ran into me, and the front tires. xD
  28. Brett and I dressed like bikers for Halloween.
  29. I moved out of my apartment.
  30. Brett and I got married!! :heart: :kiss: :love:
  31. I added a fourth name to my name. Watch for a post grading different places on how easy it is to update that.
  32. I ran the Tucson marathon.
  33. Brett & I had our first Christmas together. We’ll have our second Christmas together this year, but I doubt people will make as big a deal about that one.
  34. Brett turned 34. :turtle:
  35. I read The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine & Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

That’s a pretty good list. And it was a pretty good year too.

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  1. Mom says:

    You had a busy year. :heart:

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