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The things I get paid to do.


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Nicknames have rarely stuck with me. My name isn’t one that can be shortened so there isn’t a natural nickname to associate with it so I never really had a nickname as a child. … When I graduated from college and started teaching I felt like I wished there was a ceremony or something in my culture that gave a new name to people when they reached a new stage in life to acknowledge the change, but I didn’t have a name I could change to. And then my students happened. Keep reading

Things I love about my “job”

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Just a few things I love about my job. What do you love about yours? Keep reading

(Not) Licensed to Teach

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At the close of business hours this past Monday my teaching license expired. I was a licensed teacher for just over 12 years, a full third of my life currently. … Here’s to the next chapter in my life, a life unfettered by licenses. Keep reading


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While I might no longer be self-sufficient, I’m also no longer a self. I’m an us, a family. And as a family we are sufficient. As a family, as an us, I do not have to do everything because there are more of us to take care of everything. Keep reading

The best of 2013

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As I was thinking back over 2013 it seemed there were really only 2 “top stories,” and we mentioned those in our Christmas letter, so making a bigger list seemed silly. But I think I can still pull out 13 “top stories” for the year. Here we go: Keep reading

Full Time

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A full-time job is something you do 40 hours out of the week. … Parenting is not a full-time job. Keep reading

Know you are loved

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It is so much more important for them to know I love them than for me to know it. It does neither of us any good if I’m the only one who knows. Keep reading