Personality quirks and quizzes

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According to a personality test I took in a college class, I have the type of personality that hates personality tests. Which to me just proves the point.

I don’t like them because I don’t think people can be broken down into four categories, or however many categories a particular personality test has. I don’t like that several of them ask you to answer as you would have as a child and do not allow for personalities to grow and change, because they do. There are approximately 7 billion people on earth. Find me a personality test with 7 billion categories and maybe I’ll like it. Maybe.

A personality quiz, especially the online entertainment variety, tell us as much about ourselves as knowing your zodiac sign does, which is basically nothing.

So I was interested to read this summary of why online personality quizzes are so popular – Our Obsession With Online Quizzes Comes From Fear, Not Narcissism. It seems humans have a general need to quantify their experience. We need to be able to show others who we are. By finding out you would be the same Disney princess as your friend you are able to bond. We have to declare ourselves, we can’t just be ourselves.

Maybe I’m really comfortable in who I am without declaring it to the world. Or maybe I really do have the personality that hates personality tests, but I still don’t see the draw of these quizzes. I’d rather not be quantified. Thank you very much.

You will, however, find me in Ravenclaw house on Pottermore.

Riot culture?

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The local university basketball team lost Saturday night. And the locals held a small riot in response.

Of the 15 people arrested, 9 are current students at the university. The newspaper reported that the dean of students said the riot in no way reflects the culture of the university nor the town.

I don’t think the dean of students understands what the word culture means.

The newspaper also reported that the police have been preparing and training for this possibility for months. There were 60-70 officers already on hand before the game ended. And the online version of the newspaper had ready links to photos of the 1997 (when they actually won the whole thing) and 2001 (when they came in 2nd) basketball related riots.

All that sounds like a building riot culture to me.

Walk WITH Hope

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Saturday, along with over 250 other people, we participated in Resolve’s Walk of Hope in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a group more than $40,000 was raised. The money supports outreach groups, support groups, promoting legislation to make family building easier and stopping legislation that would make it harder. The theme is that no one with infertility should walk alone.

Infertility sucks. It can feel very isolating. It can be extremely depressing. Hope and faith are often the only things getting you through from one day to the next, from one blood draw to the next, from one procedure to the next.

Last year when we walked I did a slow shuffle because I was 2/3rds through my third pregnancy and my hips had started falling apart 3 months earlier. This year we walked with Iddo, our 9 month old expression of our hope. She is “The Embryo Who Lived.” And a darn cute embryo at that.

The Embryo Who Lived

Last year we walked for Iddo. This year she walked (ie, rode in the stroller) for her frozen siblings and Brett and I walked for her and our potential children, otherwise known by the rock group name “Iddo and the Frozen 8.”

Who Iddo walked in honor of. Our potential rock group.

We set a fundraising goal for our team of $300 and our friends and family came through big time and we raised $320! Each donation felt like a huge hug of support.

We also set the goal to win the best team t-shirt. And we did! Iddo was really happy with our sign marking our win.

Check out what we got! Ah yea! We won! We are so stylin' in our creativity.

Our infertility journey has not been easy. But with the support of our family and friends, with our faith, and with each other, we’ve been able to walk it with hope. And we’re going to keep walking.

Happy walkers with a darn cute embryo. Still happy, but someone's tired because we woke her up too early.

The wearing of the green, and the orange

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I had a professor in college who was of Irish Protestant descent. As March 17th rolled around she explained to us what that day meant to her and her ancestors, including where the tradition of wearing green on the 17th came from and why people pinch those who don’t.

Random Giggles: The Wearing of the Green, and the Orange

The Irish flag is a field of green and a field of orange separated by a field of white. The green represents the Catholics. The orange represents the Protestants. And the white is in the hope of peace coming between the two.

On March 17th, in commemoration of the Catholic saint, Saint Patrick, the Catholics wear green. If you are not wearing green it means you are a Protestant. And the two have not gotten along historically. So historically, not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day meant you were someone the Catholics wanted to beat up. The “tradition” has of course been modified to simple pinching these days. But the history of it remains violent.

While I still wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, ever since I have also worn orange. I’d rather not be part of religious violence in any way, even if it’s “just for fun.”

A blessing on the food

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A while back I started thinking about the words we generally say when praying before a meal. How often does someone unthinkingly ask for doughnuts to be nourishing? I definitely want to express gratitude for what I’m going to eat, especially doughnuts. But I started to wonder exactly why I was asking a blessing for the food. Just what kind of blessings does a plate of tacos I’m about to consume need? In an effort to be more mindful in my prayers I stopped asking for the food to be blessed and instead started asking for us, the consumers, to be blessed. Rather than ask that my food be made healthy for us, I started asking that we be blessed with health.

img_1486Friday night Brett came home from work with our week’s groceries. We were planning to have McBlatts for dinner on Saturday so I commented that while we were putting away the new groceries we ought to get the bacon out of the freezer so it could thaw for the next day.

Except the bacon was already almost all thawed.

That’s not right.

I’d been noticing frost building up in our freezer for a few days and now we realized why. Our freezer was dead.

My first thought was the 50 some odd bags of breast milk I was storing in the freezer. If those thawed they’d all be lost. Breast milk has an insanely short shelf life. To lose all of that would’ve been devastating.

I got on the phone and called a neighbor I knew would understand and hoped she’d have room in her freezer for it. She did. I walked it around the block and breathed easier. If the chicken thawed before we could get a new freezer it would still be edible as long as we kept it cold.

We sat down for dinner. Brett asked me to pray before our meal. This time I knew what blessings our food needed. Our food needed to be blessed to not spoil before we could get a new freezer. I asked for a blessing on the food.

By the end of dinner it was clear it wasn’t just our freezer that was gone, but our fridge too. Three brand new gallons of milk (cow’s milk), in danger of spoiling before the night was through if we didn’t do something. I put a post on facebook and we made a few more phone calls.

Before Iddo went to bed that night we’d taken all of our food to various friends in the neighborhood and had offers for twice as much space as we needed. We bought a bag of ice and figured we’d keep the food for one day in our cooler, buying a new bag each day until the new fridge could arrive.

Saturday afternoon we went to the store to buy our fridge. They originally told us they couldn’t deliver it till the 15th, one week later. But he double checked and they had two of the one we wanted in the basement. We only needed one of them. They’d deliver it Tuesday morning. That night we were at some friend’s house and they mentioned they had a mini-fridge in storage we could use in the mean time.

Because of the blessings of our friends, the only thing we lost was a can of frozen orange juice concentrate that thawed enough to spill all over everything. Our food was truly blessed.

You are a safety hazard

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To the woman taking a leisurely stroll along Rita Rd. this morning,

I commend you for exercising. However, you are a safety hazard.

It is technically illegal to run in the shoulder of the road in Arizona if there is a usable sidewalk nearby. While I have no problem breaking that law on infrequently traveled residential streets (especially when the driveways on some of those streets are so short anything longer than a smart car hangs out past the sidewalk), Rita Rd. is a divided 4 lane road with a 40 mph speed limit and constant traffic.

I yelled at you multiple times to move out of the way as I came up from behind you with my jogging stroller going just over 6.5 miles per hour. However your music was too loud in your headphones and you did not notice us until we were passing you in the dirt because there was no room next to you on the sidewalk.

Turn your music down. Take out one of your ear buds. Because next time I can’t guarantee there won’t be a tree next to the sidewalk when I’m trying to pass you and you’re going to need to know to move to the side.

A jogging mother

Then don’t ask for it!

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I was recently given the advice to not ask for advice if I didn’t want any. Thing was, I hadn’t asked for advice, about anything, especially not advice on asking about advice. But people love to give advice. Especially about babies.

Before getting pregnant I had a few friends give us advice about how to become pregnant. Which is just weird. Their advice generally was “relax.” Which is awful advice because stress doesn’t cause infertility and relaxing wasn’t going to cure the medical condition causing our infertility. I’d never asked them for advice. I asked our fertility specialist, who has a medical degree, for advice. And I asked God for advice.

When I was pregnant I had a homeless lady and some not-so-close acquaintances give me labor advice. I hadn’t asked them for labor advice. I asked our doula and OB for advice.

Now that we have a baby I’ve received advice from other not-so-close acquaintances, family (although that’s generally been of the form “we tried this when our baby was doing something similar” and “why don’t you try this” rather than “do this” type), friends and random people on the internet. I’ve asked for advice from our pediatrician, lactation consultants, and our pediatric gastroenterologist. And I’ve asked God for advice.

However, according to some random person on the internet who told me not to ask for advice if I didn’t want any (when I hadn’t asked for any), I’m going to have to go to college with Iddo so I can wrap her up in a blanket because at 8 months old she still likes to be wrapped up for naps. Loved the jump from 8 months to 18 years that person made there. Am I going to have to go to college with her so I can change her diapers as well? She’s still doing that at 8 months too.

I imagine the list of people giving unsolicited advice, as well as the topics they give advice on, is only going to grow as Iddo does. I’ll just have to keep the advice my mom gave me in mind. She told me to say basically, “Thanks for your concern. We’re following the advice of our doctor.”