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For reasons I can’t fully understand myself, I organized an on-line talent show for a moms of multiples group I’m in on FaceBook. I gave everyone three weeks to get their talents ready to share and then this morning set up the place for everyone to share their photos, videos, links, or whatever, of whatever talents they had. These are the talents I shared with the group (quilting, sewing, and socks) … Keep reading

Bye for now

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Nancy Zieman died this past Tuesday after a battle with cancer. She will be dearly missed in the sewing world. I was touched that she ended this last show just as I remember her ending all of her previous shows by simply saying, “bye for now.” Keep reading

Wow! I’ve been productive!

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Between February and the end of June I was EXTREMELY productive. … I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a series of months that productive in a long time. I fully expect the streak to be over now that the tiny human has arrived though. We shall see. Keep reading

Building Anticipation and Making Memories Hot Air Balloon Style

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Around mid-September we decided to go to take the kids to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta this year. It was a great trip. To help build anticipation I hung two “hot-air balloons” up in our house where I kids could see them every day. They are each made out of a paper lantern with an origami box from construction paper hung underneath. When we got home we did an art project to share with grandparents about hot-air balloons. Iddo’s was a multi-step project showing a close-up of a balloon. Shimri’s and Shimei’s projects were a simple portrayal of what the mass ascension was like. Keep reading

Feathered Pens

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When we got married we had feathered pens at our reception for people to use two write some advice on our guest cards that took the place of a guest book. Those pens were extremely important to Brett, particularly the feather part. Important because he knew I wanted him to have an opinion on things so he chose the pens as one of those things. I needed any pens we used to be acid free and since I couldn’t find any feathered pens in the store that said they were, I decided that just meant I’d have to make our own. So here’s how I did it. Keep reading

Pinterest Inspiring

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Pinterest isn’t a bad place to find ideas, to find a starting point to mix, mash, and modify to make it your own. But wouldn’t it be better to spend more time trying to live an inspiring life rather than an inspired one? Keep reading

Two More Turtle Quilts

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The thing with twins is that you often have twice as many things to get ready for them but you don’t have twice the time. Which is why it isn’t surprising it took me just over 13 months to finish Shimri’s and Shimei’s turtle quilts. I love that each of our kids’ quilts are unique but that there are elements in each that tie them together too. Keep reading