Using the internet to connect families.

Modern Day

  • Blogs– A great way to keep family members informed and up to date about what is going on even if they are far away. They can be a type of public journal. Be sure to keep in mind the privacy settings on blogs when you start one. Check out the privacy settings so only those you invite can see your blog if you like.
  • Photo & Video sharing
    • There are several sites you can use to upload your photos to the internet and share them with people.
      • Picasa – photo sharing associated with Google
      • Flickr – photo sharing associated with Yahoo
      • Vimeo – video sharing
      • Youtube – video sharing
    • Watch your privacy settings on the sites and make sure you are only sharing your photos with the world if you really want to.
    • Many digital cameras(especially camera phones) are set to record the GPS location of photos when they are taken. If you share a photo and it has that information attached you are sharing where you are at. Either remove the information before sharing the photo or change the settings on your camera so the information is not recorded.
    • This is a way to share photos and videos, but also as a back-up so you do not lose all of your photos if your computer ever breaks.
  • Bound books– Many different sites will help you organize photos or writing and print it into a bound book. You can make scrap books and other types of books and make as many copies for family members as you want.
    • Full color photo books
    • Black & white books
    • Search “blog to book” on Google for others.
  • Family Organizing
    • Google Calendars – Keep track of everyone’s schedules.
    • Google Documents – Share data and documents with others.
    • Dropbox for data sharing and data back-up – You can share folders with other people where each person has access to the pictures and files in the folder.

Family History

  • Personal family history work – You can research your own family line through your computer. Many of the methods mentioned above can be used to share what you learn with other family members.
  • Church indexing – This is done from home on your own computer. You go through old records and help digitize the names and dates that have been hand written. It requires an login account.

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