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Physical & cognitive development for $3.22

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I bought a ten foot length of 1/2 inch PEX piping for $3.22 and pulled out a pair of Brett’s old jeans (yup, this is another “I made it with my husband’s pants” post). And made this, an infant activity gym: Keep reading

I made it with my husband’s pants

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When I do get a creative urge, I make use of what we’ve already got. And the denim I get when Brett wears out his pants is great! Check out some of the things I’ve made with my husband’s pants. Keep reading

Joy is a reason

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The Creator of the plan of happiness is also the Creator of all the beauty we see around us. I’ve had several occasions to wonder if something was created simply for the joy and beauty of it. Keep reading

Sewing in 2010

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Last year when I was setting my goals I decided I wanted to finish more old sewing projects than I started new ones. And I did it! Here’s how the projects worked out: Keep reading