I made it with my husband’s pants

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Since I stopped working at a fabric store I’ve basically stopped buying fabric. Which isn’t a bad thing because I REALLY stocked up while I did work there. When I do get a creative urge, I make use of what we’ve already got. And the denim I get when Brett wears out his pants is great! Check out some of the things I’ve made with my husband’s pants.

I started small. In 2010 I made some luggage tags for Brett. I should make me a set. (Pattern for sizing.)

Then last spring I made myself a sling bag that’s the perfect little bag for small trips. It can hold my wallet and either a water bottle or my camera without any problem. And two little pockets on the inside hold a hanky, chap stick, and my phone. (again, pattern for sizing) I used two belt loops from the pants to make “belt loops” for the cutest turtle webbing I’d found as a belt for the bag.

My latest project is my new favorite purse that I made in January of this year. I used the same pattern (McCalls 5824) that I used for my book bag and shrunk it down even more. I used the sizing on another bag for the basic dimensions. I’ll probably put up the modified pattern pieces so you could get the McCalls pattern and make your own at some point. I LOVE this bag. It fits a book, water bottle, notebook, camera, anything I’d need for a day out. Although my favorite thing is probably the back pocket I put on the back of the bag and the belt loop I repurposed into a loop to clip my keys to on the inside. And I finally used one of the fat quarters of gorgeous sunflower fabric I’ve had for a while.


I wonder what else I’m going to make with his pants. I think I’m going to patch the pair that are currently wearing out though. I don’t need the denim that badly.

5 shared thoughts about I made it with my husband’s pants

  1. Brett says:

    There does come a point of denim overload. :brett:

  2. mama G says:

    very cute 🙂

  3. Denice says:

    I am impressed!

  4. Elsewhere says:

    I didn’t know he was wearing jeans with flowers on them. I’m impressed.

  5. Giggle

    I probably wrote my longest comment in a long time, if not to date, and the internet ate it. xD Here goes again.

    I hoarded denim for a few years in high school and made a lovely denim quilt for a Laurel project that I still use and love. It was extra fun because I got to use pieces of clothes we wore as kids – 90s denim fashion was awesome. I have pieces with studded zippers (from the bottom of the pant leg, of course), hammer loops, pockets, stripes, etc.

    I also have a corn heat bag made from the jeans of my freshman year boyfriend made by his mother for me for Christmas. It has grass stains, maybe even a little bit of washed out blood, and maybe it’s weird that I still have it ten years later, but it’s perfect and would be a waste to throw it out just because of associated memories.

    Hooray for reconned fabric! Boo for not having more time to do some recon work of my own!


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