Monthly Archives: April 2012

Called the altar Ed

Categories: Gospel

Ed the altar was not words, grandiose or simple. Ed was a stack of rocks. Ed stood for something. His very presence was a testimony. Keep reading

Current steps to graduation

Categories: Education

Here’s a reference of the steps I need to do before graduation and the approximate dates that some of them will be happening. Now you can stress about it with me! Keep reading

Man makes plans…

Categories: Gospel, Life

When I was 14 I laid out how my life was going to happen. … Turns out there has been a lot more to my life than I’d originally planned. My 14 year-old self only had a ten year plan. Keep reading

Prime time television?

Categories: Life, Venting

Remember when prime time television meant it was the prime time to gather the family around and spend the evening together? Now it is more often than not prime time to sell sleaze and filth to make the most sponsorship money. Keep reading

Ah. That felt good.

Categories: Exercise, Happy Things

Turns out there was a 5K today sponsored by the Tucson chapter of the BYU Alumni Association. I graduated ten years ago this weekend. It’s probably about time I started doing some alumni events. Keep reading

Survey says…

Categories: Questions

So here’s a short survey with very important questions about life: Keep reading

Gardens and weeds, babies and trees

Categories: Food, Happy Things

There’s a weed cycle? … Planting pizza. … Cilantro-sicles. … Baby hummingbirds and a crooked tree. Keep reading