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Educated Prejudice

Categories: Education

In my morning internet wanderings today I came across two articles, shared by two different friends, both about prejudice in academia – one at the college level, and the other at the pre-school level. Keep reading

The evening news

Categories: Happy Things, Life, News

Working connections, I have autographed photos of Mark Eubank, Dick Nourse, Bruce Lindsay, Nadine Wimmer, Carole Mikita, and Len Randolph. I even attended Mark Eubank’s and Dick Nourse’s retirement parties and got to see the news from behind the camera twice. Keep reading

Your soundtrack

Categories: Life

If there were a soundtrack to this portion of your life, what would be on it? Keep reading

Today’s anthem

Categories: Folks, Musings, Venting

I’ve heard people say there isn’t a musical anthem for today like there have been in times past, particularly in distressful times, times of war, times of economic depression. So I went looking to see if I could find one. And I couldn’t find one because there isn’t just one. Keep reading

Bashing the bashers

Categories: Family, Relationships, Venting

Marriages have rough spots. But those should be worked out within the marriage, not at a gab session over scones and hot chocolate, real or virtual. Keep reading

A Mother

Categories: Family, Gospel

Interestingly, not a single person specifically listed children as a necessity for motherhood. The qualities these mothers listed are qualities all of us can strive to develop, no matter where we find ourselves in life. Keep reading

Too many books, too little time

Categories: Books

If you ask me for a book suggestion I’ll pull out five from my sleeve without even thinking about it. If you give me a few more minutes I’ll pull up twenty more you’d be daft not to check out. Keep reading