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I’m so crafty

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I’m crafty gosh darn it! And several times I cried because of all the things I could make and do, I couldn’t make people. … It is an incredible blessing. The potential that these mortal and imperfect bodies have is immense. And it has very little to do with my crafting abilities and what I can do with a sewing machine or a glue gun. … I don’t want to forget that the role I played wasn’t the only role. It took me, Brett, our fertility doctor, the embryologist, the scientists and doctors over the last 40 years who made IVF as successful as it is today, a quick thinking/working OB, and God. He is the ultimate Creator. Just look at all the people He’s made. Keep reading


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When I was 15 I made a plan for my life – dating, college, mission, marriage, kids, the end. And then my life actually happened. … The list of things that have happened so far that I couldn’t even begin to imagine at 15 is a rather wonderful list. … But that hasn’t been the end yet. And thank goodness for that. I’m looking forward to all the ways my plans will go awry. Keep reading

Making where I am home

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I just realized that as of next month I will have lived in Tucson longer then I have lived in any other city. … When people ask where I’m from I’m not sure if they’re asking where I live now, where I was born, or where I grew up. … People have also asked if Brett and I have family in the area and that’s why we moved here. Neither of us had family here at the time, but we do now because we have each other. Keep reading

Being the Adult

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Yesterday for me being the adult meant I could have tater tots and M&Ms for lunch while watching Star Trek: TNG. Last night being an adult meant I got up at 4am when Shimri threw up , cleaned her up, and then held her on my chest while she dozed fitfully and threw-up four more times, before we both finally fell asleep for a little over half an hour around 8:30 in the morning. Keep reading

Expressions of Love

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Last night as I was putting Shimri to sleep and she was taking her sweet time I started texting Brett a series of questions I saw a few other women on Facebook asking their husbands. It was entertaining and I loved Brett’s answers. … There are so many ways large and small to express our love. The important thing is that we do it. Keep reading

Big in Japan

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This summer we took a big road trip that took us on a one day tour of Yellowstone. We saw Yellowstone lake, Fishing Bridge, the falls, geysers, especially Old Faithful, mud pots, bison, an elk, a bear, and snow. … Until that moment I had not realized we were one of the sights. Keep reading

Pinterest Inspiring

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Pinterest isn’t a bad place to find ideas, to find a starting point to mix, mash, and modify to make it your own. But wouldn’t it be better to spend more time trying to live an inspiring life rather than an inspired one? Keep reading