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My relationships. My comments on the relationships of others. Some comments others have made about my relationships.


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I don’t believe in a one-and-only. Instead I believe that there are many people we could definitely be happy with. Different kinds of happy of course with different people. But still happy and living a wonderful life. However… Keep reading

My world

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For our anniversary every year we dance to the song we danced to the night of our wedding. Tonight as we danced Brett held Izri in his arms, Shimei took turns holding each of our legs and I held the girls’ hands as they danced around us. It was a moment of joy. It’s amazing what has happened in the last 8 years. And it will continue into eternity. Keep reading

Expressions of Love

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Last night as I was putting Shimri to sleep and she was taking her sweet time I started texting Brett a series of questions I saw a few other women on Facebook asking their husbands. It was entertaining and I loved Brett’s answers. … There are so many ways large and small to express our love. The important thing is that we do it. Keep reading

Tomorrow your life will change

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Last night I was thinking about how it was ten years ago today that Brett and I met face-to-face for the first time and went on our first date. I was wondering what I’d been doing the night before our date and if I really had any idea how much the next day would change my life. And then I realized that wasn’t quite true. That first date didn’t drastically change my life. As I thought about how not-life-changing that date was I realized there haven’t really been any huge life-changing events in our relationship where everything suddenly changed. Not even getting married. Keep reading


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Next week will mark 10 years since Brett sent me an email for the very first time and we became aware of each other’s existence in this world. That email is the stuff legends are made out of. The good kind. He wasn’t the only guy who sent me an email on that site. There were others. Each legendary in his own way, and none of them good. One in particular stood out. His screen name was “The Very Best” and his profile pic was of his abs (at least I assume they were his). Our email exchange went as follows. Keep reading

You define me

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My relationships define meas a daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend, teacher, student, leader, follower, enemy, and nemesis. We are all defined by our relationships. Keep reading

Books. Measles. Enjoyment.

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What do books, measles, and enjoyment have in common? Not much except I’ve read some interesting things about all of them recently. Keep reading