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A Social Testimony

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This past May I was given the opportunity to talk in sacrament meeting about how to share our testimonies using social media. It’s a bit of a strange topic, but I had a lot of fun with it. I thought I’d share, via the internet, some of the things I shared in church, kind of bring the whole thing full circle. Keep reading

Things to think about

Categories: Health, News, Science & Tech

Little kids and shots. Vacation days. Dwarf planets. The language of the human condition. Keep reading


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Next week will mark 10 years since Brett sent me an email for the very first time and we became aware of each other’s existence in this world. That email is the stuff legends are made out of. The good kind. He wasn’t the only guy who sent me an email on that site. There were others. Each legendary in his own way, and none of them good. One in particular stood out. His screen name was “The Very Best” and his profile pic was of his abs (at least I assume they were his). Our email exchange went as follows. Keep reading

Babies & Brains & Baby Brains

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I made Brett promise me that after we had kids I’d still be able to have conversations about topics other than baby poop. So here are some things I’ve learned about babies and brains and baby brains. Baby brains are one of my favorite topics. Keep reading

New-ish Newsy News

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Some things I’ve learned in the last month or two while reading the news, basically about science, technology, and sleep. Keep reading

No photos please

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If you are sharing photos of your kids online you need to be aware of privacy settings and who exactly has access to your photos. There’s a whole group of people out there that love to commandeer photos of other people’s kids to play with. Keep reading

News of the week (or so)

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More headlines and news stories that caught my interest and will probably be brought up in some fashion during small talk some time in the future – space, creativity, language, science, bananas, safaris, a little bit of this, that, and the other. Keep reading