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You might have noticed that there aren’t any real photos of our children either here on my site or on our family site. If there are then their faces are obscured in some fashion either by the nature of the pose in the picture or they are blurred out. We do the same with the one or two photos that we put on social media as well. That’s for several reasons, all of them related to privacy.

Our children need the chance to develop their own life in the public eye, not one that we’ve created for them. They are growing up in a completely digital world and shouldn’t be haunted in their adulthood by things we did as parents when they were little. But there are also a lot of weird people out there, and it’s our job as parents to protect them from the creeps and weirdos as much as possible.

If you are sharing photos of your kids online you need to be aware of privacy settings and who exactly has access to your photos. There’s a whole group of people out there that love to commandeer photos of other people’s kids to play with (BabyRP). Some of it might not be sexual, but it’s still creepy.

And if you are sharing photos of other people’s kids, always make sure you have permission first.

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