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Ishi and Shiphi

Categories: Family

On Thursdays this month I expressed my gratitude for each of the people in my family. There are two more members of our family. I can’t describe them to you the same way I can the other members of our family as I only know their hearts. But that is the most important part of a person, so it is enough. Keep reading

O Come

Categories: Family, Gospel

But I’m most looking forward to teaching her about the baby Jesus. Although I’m sure there is much she could teach me about our Savior if I could understand with a better heart. Keep reading

We need to demand better

Categories: Random

I love Christmas music. But I refuse to listen to it on the radio. Because I hate crappy Christmas music. And there’s too much crappy Christmas music on the radio. And it’s your fault. Keep reading

Adventure bags

Categories: Life

My old backpack is still usable. I had a lot of academic (and other) adventures with it. It saw me through the bulk of my bachelor’s degree and both of my graduate degrees. But now I’m having adventures of a different sort and found myself needing more than just the basic three pockets that one had. Keep reading


Categories: Family, Happy Things

He is the best father my children could want and watching him step into the role has been like watching a (galactic) duck take to water – he’s a natural. Keep reading

Create your reality

Categories: Family, Life

Today I created quite a bit of stress for myself. I do that sometimes. It’s not my brightest idea. I’ve prided myself on how calm and relaxed the holidays have been in the past because I set realistic expectations and don’t over plan everything. I’ve worked out the Thanksgiving cooking so that the food is all ready at the same time and we sit down to eat with a clean kitchen too. And then this year we have three kids under the age of three. Keep reading

And viewers like you. Thank you.

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Certain meals, like tater tots and hot dogs, just seem to want to be eaten while watching TV. For a while we were watching TV series via DVD during dinner. But then it became clear that Iddo was paying a little too close attention to them and we need to put those on hold while the kids are up for a while. So what were we to do? We opted for PBS. Keep reading