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Trucks and Trains!

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One advantage of being with small children all day is finding the joy in the small things again. With no meetings to get to and a schedule all our own we are able to take time to explore the things that make them smile. … Big mom-ing wins are often found in the little things. Keep reading

I support public education in Arizona

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To the Governor of Arizona and my representatives, I am a registered voter in Arizona who highly values education. This coming school year our oldest will enroll in kindergarten. … I will gladly provide my daughter’s teacher with however many reams of paper she puts on the supply list, with facial tissue, crayons, pencils, and whatever other supplies she needs. Because I care about my daughter’s education, and all her classmates. And I know that based on past actions my daughter’s teacher will not be able to count on the state supporting her. Keep reading

Me, the Runner, Part 1

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I have always been a runner. When I was a baby my dad, also a runner, would push me on runs and races in the stroller. Back then they didn’t have the fancy jogging strollers we have now and I’ve been told that he and I wore out several strollers with all the miles we did. I don’t have any memory of those runs, but I’ve seen the pictures. Keep reading


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For reasons I can’t fully understand myself, I organized an on-line talent show for a moms of multiples group I’m in on FaceBook. I gave everyone three weeks to get their talents ready to share and then this morning set up the place for everyone to share their photos, videos, links, or whatever, of whatever talents they had. These are the talents I shared with the group (quilting, sewing, and socks) … Keep reading

Pyeong Chang 2018 Closing Ceremonies

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Another Olympics in the books. Thanks for joining us for our Olympic commentary. We certainly had a good time doing it. I’m excited to see what our growing commentating team does in 2.5 years in Tokyo. Enjoy! Keep reading

February 23rd and 24th at the Olympics

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I spent the 23rd getting my family ready to go to Mesa so I could run a 10K on the 24th and the three older kids could run a 1K, so there wasn’t much Olympic watching on my end that day. And by the 24th things were starting to wind down at the Olympics. But we still got some commentary in. Bobsled. Curling. Hockey. Keep reading

February 22nd at the Olympics (in which Amanda actually gets there)

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While it wasn’t the Olympic trip she was hoping for, Amanda did have an Olympic experience, and totally made my day and my kids’ day by “taking” them with her. Photos courtesy of Amanda and myself. Keep reading