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How I do different things. Maybe the way I do them will help you do them better.


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For reasons I can’t fully understand myself, I organized an on-line talent show for a moms of multiples group I’m in on FaceBook. I gave everyone three weeks to get their talents ready to share and then this morning set up the place for everyone to share their photos, videos, links, or whatever, of whatever talents they had. These are the talents I shared with the group (quilting, sewing, and socks) … Keep reading

Road Trip Bag of Tricks

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As we were preparing to spend 52 hours in the car last month I knew our biggest challenge would be keeping the kids happy while they were strapped down in their car seats that long. We never once pulled out a screen of any kind for the kids. No movies. No shows. No digital games. Just the way we did it when we were kids. Keep reading

Fool-proof way to pack for a trip

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My problem was how to pack the kids’ clothes. Because their clothes have a lot less mass and volume there is greater chance of them getting all mixed up and jumbled if left loose. And the internet’s suggestion to put each outfit for each kid for each day in a ziplock bag was going to be way too many bags for me. So I figured out something better and cheaper. And as a bonus, it worked out that without having to ask, Brett knew what each kid was supposed to wear each day too. Keep reading

Okay, so what we gonna do?

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With a penny-print sale at Snapfish, a little photo editing skills, some clear contact paper, some page protectors, and my sewing machine, we now have a very visual representation of what we do during the day that Iddo can see and get a sense of before and after and that we will be making cookies but these things have to happen first. … Here’s how we did it. Keep reading

A Nativity for a 1-year-old

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Iddo needed a wooden nativity set she could stack to her heart’s content. Some graphic help from Grandma, a little water colors, some colored pencils, and she’s all set. Keep reading

Soda Can Carolers

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We rinsed out the cans and smashed them, keeping the best looking smashed ones. … Last night I finally used a glue gun to give them eyes, noses, and little pompoms on their hats and put them together as a wreath. Keep reading

#1 – Make a to-do list

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Yesterday I made a plain muslin table runner for our Thanksgiving table. Then I pulled out the fabric paints and we put turkeys on it. Today’s projects – eat all the left-overs in the fridge. We’re going to need the room. Keep reading