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How I do different things. Maybe the way I do them will help you do them better.

Four year photos and a magic cube

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We have at least one photo of us for every month we’ve been married. We both agreed we should do something with all of them. We’ve definitely enjoyed fiddling with it and seeing the photos somewhere other than just on my computer screen. Keep reading

Put a hat on it.

Categories: How To, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

How I figured out how to make a sun hat with a hole for a bun. Keep reading

Physical & cognitive development for $3.22

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I bought a ten foot length of 1/2 inch PEX piping for $3.22 and pulled out a pair of Brett’s old jeans (yup, this is another “I made it with my husband’s pants” post). And made this, an infant activity gym: Keep reading

Pinterest Irks – Kill the exclamation point

Categories: How To, Science & Tech

There are definitely several things that just really irk me about Pinterest, or, to be more precise, that irk me about the way most people use it. Keep reading

The McBlatt

Categories: Food, How To

The genesis of one of our favorite sandwiches – because I felt the bread in a BLT should be acknowledged. Keep reading

Choosing to grow green onions

Categories: Food, How To, Learn Something

I have a philosophy that if I’m going to put in a lot of effort to grow a plant, that plant needs to do something for me. It either needs to come back the next year or provide food. Keep reading

Knitting Projects

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No more can I say that knitting something larger than a small toy takes too long. Of course I was using big needles (size 13) and bulky yarn, so that helped. but maybe I’m actually getting the hang of this knitting thing. Keep reading