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We should all try to learn something new every day. Nobody ever said it had to be something that is actually worthwhile.

The Moon!!

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Last night before bed I took them all outside our front door and we looked up at the giant super moon that was big and bright in the sky. We told them it was a blue moon but they all agreed it actually looked white. … At 6:00 this morning (normal wake up time at our house is 8am) I picked up each of them out of their bed one at a time and took them into the backyard so they could see the moon in a total eclipse, and then they all went back to sleep. Keep reading

Something new

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I love introducing our kids to new things. There is so much in the world for them to still explore and that I get to be part of some of that is such an adventure for me too. I get to see it all new again through their eyes. Keep reading


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I will not take your quiz to see if I am right-brained or left-brained. … I will also not take your test to see what personality I have. … I will, however, take a nap. Or a break. Or go for a run. Or do some sewing. Because that’s what my brain really needs. Keep reading

Something to talk about

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If you are looking for things to talk about around the water cooler or at dinner, here are a few options – Ice/Green-land. Revolutionary toilets. Coloring. Personalities. Dancing. Keep reading


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Two weeks ago we put up our hummingbird feeders. It immediately prompted Iddo to ask what a hummingbird was and where they lived. We quickly looked up some photos of hummingbirds and their nests and I decided that after her nap we’d spend the afternoon exploring hummingbirds and learning about them. Keep reading

And viewers like you. Thank you.

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Certain meals, like tater tots and hot dogs, just seem to want to be eaten while watching TV. For a while we were watching TV series via DVD during dinner. But then it became clear that Iddo was paying a little too close attention to them and we need to put those on hold while the kids are up for a while. So what were we to do? We opted for PBS. Keep reading

I’m an orangutan

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I learned that modern orangutan mothers are in constant physical contact with their children for the first 4-5 months of their lives. Constant. The two are never apart. Always touching. And I think I might be part orangutan. Keep reading