The Moon!!

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In August we were in Kentucky to see the total solar eclipse. Our kids thought it was awesome. And it was. This morning they got to see a different type of eclipse and were pretty excited about it as well.

Last night before bed I took them all outside our front door and we looked up at the giant super moon that was big and bright in the sky. We told them it was a blue moon but they all agreed it actually looked white. I told them I’d be coming to get them real early in the morning because the moon was going to go into the shadow of the earth and wanted them to see what color it was going to be then. We had them guess. Shimei guessed blue, it’s his favorite color and we had told him it was a blue moon after all, or black.

At 6:00 this morning (normal wake up time at our house is 8am) I picked up each of them out of their bed one at a time and took them into the backyard so they could see the moon in a total eclipse, and then they all went back to sleep. They were excited to see that it was red. I talked with Iddo about how if the moon is in the Earth’s shadow where would she need to point to be pointing at the sun. We noticed how many stars we could see with the moon darkened. Shimei was next and after noticing the color told me, “The stars can play with the moon!” And then Shimri was last. She thought the color was great.

Photo by Amanda Roberts

Izri didn’t get to go outside to see the moon but I found it fascinating how before the eclipse I could sit in my chair by the window to nurse him and enough moon light was coming through the blinds that I could see the details of his face but when I got up with him at 5:30, well into the eclipse but not at totality yet, it was too dark to see more than his outline.

We’re going to go back out tonight before bed to see what color the moon is again.

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  1. Brett says:

    I wonder if they called it a “Super Blue Blood Moon” when it happened 150 years ago?


  2. Giggle

    How special to share it with them one on one! I’m glad you saw it and glad that everyone got a little more sleep!


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