Monthly Archives: December 2017

A true runner

Categories: Exercise, Family

Today was Iddo’s second race. She was super excited to get to do another one. We’ve spent the last 11 months trying to help her understand that they didn’t retire her bib number from her first race (#367) and that won’t be her bib number from here on out and forever. She didn’t see why she needed a new bib when she already had one taped to the back of her door. … I was so proud of her! She’s a true runner. … My own race went great. Keep reading

Grant Me Grace

Categories: Gospel

Yesterday at nap time Iddo asked me what grace was. I told her it’s what Heavenly Father and Jesus give us when we make mistakes that makes it all better. Then she asked why Heavenly Father and Jesus give us mistakes. I told her that they don’t give us mistakes but they give us opportunities to try and grow, and then when we make mistakes they give us grace to fix it. Keep reading