Monthly Archives: January 2018

The Moon!!

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Learn Something, With the Kiddos

Last night before bed I took them all outside our front door and we looked up at the giant super moon that was big and bright in the sky. We told them it was a blue moon but they all agreed it actually looked white. … At 6:00 this morning (normal wake up time at our house is 8am) I picked up each of them out of their bed one at a time and took them into the backyard so they could see the moon in a total eclipse, and then they all went back to sleep. Keep reading

The miracle of the stockings

Categories: Life

I needed a sixth red satin stocking, made out of red satin from a store that doesn’t exist any more. I could order a swatch to see if the red satin matched for $2 plus shipping, or I could throw caution to the wind and buy a whole yard for $5 plus shipping. I bought the yard. The package arrived and I nervously opened it up. I pulled it out. It was definitely the right type of fabric. I got my scraps out to compare the color. Keep reading

I take the tree down

Categories: Family, Infertility

I took down our Christmas tree today and Brett, referencing “The Forgotten Carols” asked if I cry every time I take it down. I told him I’ve only cried taking the tree down once, and that was January 2012. Keep reading