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Random. No other word for it.

Something to talk about

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If you are looking for things to talk about around the water cooler or at dinner, here are a few options – Ice/Green-land. Revolutionary toilets. Coloring. Personalities. Dancing. Keep reading

Fool-proof way to pack for a trip

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My problem was how to pack the kids’ clothes. Because their clothes have a lot less mass and volume there is greater chance of them getting all mixed up and jumbled if left loose. And the internet’s suggestion to put each outfit for each kid for each day in a ziplock bag was going to be way too many bags for me. So I figured out something better and cheaper. And as a bonus, it worked out that without having to ask, Brett knew what each kid was supposed to wear each day too. Keep reading

We need to demand better

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I love Christmas music. But I refuse to listen to it on the radio. Because I hate crappy Christmas music. And there’s too much crappy Christmas music on the radio. And it’s your fault. Keep reading

Nothing but blue skies

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Brett and I play a game called “Cloud.” The first person to see a cloud says “Cloud!” and points it out. Sounds like a real boring game. But it can be real tough because there aren’t often clouds around. Keep reading

Making Memories

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When I travel somewhere I know my time there is limited and I want to make the most out of every minute I have there and not miss a thing. So that means limited stopping time for eating, sleeping, and doing other necessities. I just go go go go go. And I love it. And then I come home and crash. Keep reading


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Let it be noted, if anyone plays “Amazing Grace” at my funeral, it must be played on bagpipes. That’s the only way to play that song. Keep reading

Favorite Things – The Toddler Edition

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When Iddo was 6 months old I wrote a post about all the things we had that had made those first 6 months easier. Now that she’s entering the toddler stage we have slightly different list of things we love. Keep reading