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My attempts to make food and my adventures in the kitchen.

Talent Show!

Categories: Family, Food, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

This year I am sharing my talent for Momming (see the time-lapse video), following recipes, and starting projects (still working on developing the talent for finishing them). Keep reading

Serving Sizes

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I saw an infographic earlier this week stating that to prepare for Thanksgiving you would need a pound of turkey for each person, a half pound of potatoes, and one slice of pie. … If I’m going to over indulge in food and be a glutton for one day, it’s going to be on pie, not turkey. Maybe we should reverse that infographic and make it a pound of pie for each person but just one slice of turkey? Keep reading

Something new

Categories: Family, Food, Learn Something, With the Kiddos

I love introducing our kids to new things. There is so much in the world for them to still explore and that I get to be part of some of that is such an adventure for me too. I get to see it all new again through their eyes. Keep reading

S’mores to the next level

Categories: Food

At our family reunion this past August my sister’s family introduced us to “exotic” s’mores. We went beyond the graham, chocolate and ‘mallow. And it was delicious. Rolos, grasshopper cookies, lemon curd, etc. The kids decided they really liked them too, which was surprising since they all hadn’t been to excited about roasting marshmallows at home. Roasting the marshmallows with Uncle Giles helped with that excitement. Keep reading

A Taste of Home

Categories: Folks, Food

We invite many people to our homes as guests. They are welcomed into some kind of front room where there’s a nice sofa to sit on and the floor has probably been swept or vacuumed before they arrived and the clutter was stashed elsewhere. They might even be provided with some type of food or drink refreshment. But that doesn’t make them part of the home. To invite someone into your kitchen is to invite them into your family. Keep reading

An Olympic Menu

Categories: Food, Olympics

The Olympics start tomorrow. In Rio! Ah, Brasil. O país do meu coração. We’re going to be watching a lot of Olympics and I’m going to try real hard to not be annoyed at the American announcers mispronouncing all the Portuguese words. I’m crossing my fingers they’ve been practicing. To celebrate we’re going to be having some special themed dinners over the next two weeks – black beans & rice, street vendor hot dogs, Olympic Rings dips, and sushi rolls for the closing ceremonies. Keep reading

Funny Dinner

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On April 1st we had a “funny dinner.” We made meatloaf cupcakes and “frosted” them with mashed potatoes and then had frosted cupcakes (made to look like mashed potatoes) and chocolate cookies (that were supposed to look like meatloaf, and did, kind of, from a distance) for dessert. Keep reading