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My attempts to make food and my adventures in the kitchen.

Leap Day Was Hoppin’

Categories: Food, Happy Things, With the Kiddos

Our Leap Day was a hopping success. We did a lot of fun things to celebrate – jumping, apple frogs, origami frogs, frog-leg tacos, and bunnies. Keep reading

News making me think

Categories: Books, Education, Folks, Food, Health, News

Some recent news stories that made me think, some more deeply than others. Keep reading

Favorite Things – The Toddler Edition

Categories: Family, Featured, Food, Life, Random

When Iddo was 6 months old I wrote a post about all the things we had that had made those first 6 months easier. Now that she’s entering the toddler stage we have slightly different list of things we love. Keep reading

Lunar New Year!

Categories: Food, Science & Tech

With the new moon happening at 4:47pm local time yesterday, today is the first day of the new year in the lunar calendar. We had stir fry for dinner tonight to celebrate. What are your favorite stir fry vegetables? Keep reading

Favorite Things – The Thanksgiving meal edition

Categories: Food

When people ask us what our plans are for Thanksgiving I tell them we’re planning to eat a lot of food. There are three large kitchen items that I love because they make all that food prep so much easier. Keep reading

They caught my attention

Categories: Books, Education, Family, Folks, Food, News, Science & Tech

Connection between music and language/reading. Old funny photos. Astronomy and vision. Strange science. Mindful challah for Rosh Hashana. Keep reading

A blessing on the food

Categories: Food, Gospel, Happy Things

I started to wonder exactly why I was asking a blessing for the food. Just what kind of blessings does a plate of tacos I’m about to consume need? … This time I knew what blessings our food needed. Keep reading