Favorite Things – The Thanksgiving meal edition

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We pulled the turkey out of the freezer today so it can spend the next two days thawing in the fridge to get ready for Thursday. I also pulled out 2 pounds of ground beef so they can thaw and we can mix up the hamburgers tonight that we’re grilling tomorrow (because this whole week is about putting as many leftovers in the fridge as possible). When people ask us what our plans are for Thanksgiving I tell them we’re planning to eat a lot of food.

There are three large kitchen items that I love because they make all that food prep so much easier.

First – I love our slow cooker. It’s just the 3 of us so we just buy a turkey breast and it’s more than enough. Thursday morning the first thing we’ll do is put it in the slow cooker and turn the thing on. Then we sit back and enjoy the parade.

Second – I love our Bosch mixer. Ours is old (the one linked is new), but that just shows they knew how to make them back then and that it’s a dependable company. We’ll mix up the dough for the rolls in the Bosch and then get those baking (because the oven is free). Yummy, fresh, warm rolls. Several will not make it to the dinner table.

Third – I love our pressure cooker. I know they can be used for a lot of things but we use it to cook beans in around 15 minutes and to cook mashed potatoes in under half an hour. No peeling. No dicing. No boiling forever. We scrub the potatoes, throw them whole into the pressure cooker. And when it’s all done we drain out the water and mix them up right in the pressure cooker, adding milk, butter, and sour cream (we like adding mayonaise too but Iddo is allergic to it). Our 8 pound turkey breast will be matched with about 8 pounds of mashed potatoes.

Enjoy your dinners! I know we’ll be enjoying ours. 😀

5 shared thoughts about Favorite Things – The Thanksgiving meal edition

  1. Brett says:

    Have we actually tested the mayonnaise thing with Iddo? :brett:

  2. Denice says:

    To make the day easy we are going to Michelle’s for dinner.

  3. Mama G says:

    I am thankful for crock pot boneless turkey breast. 🙂

  4. Giggle

    I tried slow cooker mashed potatoes this year. I don’t know that I’ll ever do them on the stove again.


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