Leap Day Was Hoppin’

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Our Leap Day was a hopping success. We did a lot of fun things to celebrate.

Iddo loves to jump. So that was a given. We jumped and hopped. Shimri and Shimei bounced the best they could.

Iddo helped me mix up a blue Jell-O pond and then we made some frogs out of apples, grapes, frosting, and M&Ms for dinner. They were super yummy.

MissGiggles.com | Leap Day was Hoppin' - Apple frogs in a Jell-O pond

Iddo also colored several index cards and then I folded them into jumping frogs that we used to decorate the table at dinner.

Hop little frogs! Hop!

Dinner was “frog” leg tacos. We cut chicken strips so they’d be more frog legged shaped and then cooked them with some Italian herbs to give them a slight green hue. Since people say frog legs taste like chicken we just said our chicken tasted like frog legs.

Dad and Iddo picked up some chocolate bunnies at the store this weekend. Technically I think they are supposed to be for Easter, but whatever. They are chocolate. And they jump.

We don’t have a frog cookie cutter so our Family Home Evening cookies were bunny cookies too.

What Leap Day means to the calendar is completely beyond any of our kids, but Iddo definitely knew it was Leap Day. When Brett came home from work she greeted him by saying, “Daddy, it’s Leap Day! I’m jumpin’ up and down!” And she was definitely jumping up and down.

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  1. Brett says:



  2. Denicend says:

    They are darling! I love your creativity.

  3. Giggle

    Frog legs do indeed taste a lot like chicken, as far as I remember. What a fun day!

  4. Mama G says:

    I am jumping up and down just reading about all the fun you had. 🙂

  5. Mama G says:

    so are you marching around today for March Fourth 😀


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