I was not afraid

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Iddo waits anxiously every garbage day for the recycling truck to come. The driver of the recycling truck is great at noticing us out there waiting for him and he honks and has the truck wave at us. Iddo is at once terrified and excited by the big, loud truck.

Lately he has been coming later in the day and we’ve missed him because we go to the Children’s Museum that afternoon. But last week he came before lunch and we were able to go watch him. And I videoed him coming so that on the days when we do miss him Iddo can still watch. We love this video because Iddo starts by wanting to go back inside. But at the end she’s super excited about having seen him and proudly says “I was not afraid.”

I’m pretty sure that’s how I face most big, loud, new, scary things in my life. I just want to go back inside. But in the end, I’ll have gotten over my fear and thought it was at the very least an educational adventure. Until the next week when I might be afraid when the big, loud thing comes down the street again.

5 shared thoughts about I was not afraid

  1. Denicend says:

    Nice garbage man.

  2. Brett says:

    I’m glad you got it on video too. Describing it doesn’t do it justice. :brett:

    • Mama G says:

      =] No it doesn’t because I didn’t understand it was the Truck that was waving. Old fashioned me thought it was the Driver that was waving.

      • Giggles says:

        He does wave. But he has the truck wave too. It’s the truck waving that scares her the most, but it’s also the most exciting part for her.

  3. Giggle

    That is awesome. What a great driver! Way to be brave, Iddo!


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