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How to Make a Sibling (or two)

Categories: Family, Health, Infertility

Since we brought them home a year ago today, it’s time for the exciting conclusion… Keep reading

The Infertile Mother

Categories: Family, Infertility

Three kids call me Momma (or some form of it). I often even refer to myself in the third person that way. … I have endometriosis. And for us that means we are one of the 1 in 8 couples who have infertility. … I am a mom. But I am an infertile mom. Keep reading

Funny Dinner

Categories: Food

On April 1st we had a “funny dinner.” We made meatloaf cupcakes and “frosted” them with mashed potatoes and then had frosted cupcakes (made to look like mashed potatoes) and chocolate cookies (that were supposed to look like meatloaf, and did, kind of, from a distance) for dessert. Keep reading