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Tomorrow your life will change

Categories: Family, Life, Relationships

Last night I was thinking about how it was ten years ago today that Brett and I met face-to-face for the first time and went on our first date. I was wondering what I’d been doing the night before our date and if I really had any idea how much the next day would change my life. And then I realized that wasn’t quite true. That first date didn’t drastically change my life. As I thought about how not-life-changing that date was I realized there haven’t really been any huge life-changing events in our relationship where everything suddenly changed. Not even getting married. Keep reading

Easter Chicks

Categories: Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

The three things I want our kids to know about Easter are, in order, Jesus, candy, and new clothes. There was a basket of candy in the living room Sunday morning with new clothes all laid out next to it. There was also a small toy in it for each of our kids. I made little chicks the perfect size for our kids’ little hands that each have their own little egg to hide in. Keep reading

Where’s the baby?

Categories: Gospel

The third tree becomes a rough beam. As the illustrations showed a man bent over carrying the beam and then a cross on the hill, Iddo asked a third time, “Where’s the baby?” Keep reading


Categories: Books, Learn Something, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting, With the Kiddos

Two weeks ago we put up our hummingbird feeders. It immediately prompted Iddo to ask what a hummingbird was and where they lived. We quickly looked up some photos of hummingbirds and their nests and I decided that after her nap we’d spend the afternoon exploring hummingbirds and learning about them. Keep reading

I was not afraid

Categories: Life

Iddo waits anxiously every garbage day for the recycling truck to come. The driver of the recycling truck is great at noticing us out there waiting for him and he honks and has the truck wave at us. Iddo is at once terrified and excited by the big, loud truck. Keep reading

Leap Day Was Hoppin’

Categories: Food, Happy Things, With the Kiddos

Our Leap Day was a hopping success. We did a lot of fun things to celebrate – jumping, apple frogs, origami frogs, frog-leg tacos, and bunnies. Keep reading