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I don’t have a chronic illness. But I sure am at the doctor a lot. Never with a good story though.

Not where I wanted to be

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When I started my breastfeeding journey I swore I’d never be someone who felt they needed to nurse in the bathroom. I did not want to feed my child in a place where I wouldn’t want to eat. But lately I keep finding myself where I never wanted to be. The problem isn’t intolerant and uneducated people who think breastfeeding should be done in back rooms and closets. Keep reading


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We knew we were completely spoiled by how well Iddo slept. At 6 weeks old she, of her own accord, fell into a pattern of going to bed, having me come in 6 hours later to dream feed her, coming in again 4 hours after that for another dream feed, and then getting up for the day after another 2 hours. She was sleeping for 12 straight hours at 6 weeks old. I was probably one of the most rested new moms ever. It was bliss. And we knew we’d never be that lucky again. Keep reading

Time to Talk

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At 10:30pm we heard Iddo crying in her room and when we went to go check on her she met us half-way in the hall covered in blood and dripping more. I led her into the bathroom, sat her down in my lap, held some kleenex at her nose and started washing her off with baby wipes and singing to her to help her calm down while Brett wiped up the drips on the tile floor and checked out the damage to her bed. … I am grateful Heavenly Father gives me feelings and impressions so I can take advantage of these moments to talk with our kids whenever they happen to come up. Even if it’s after 11pm while we’re sitting on the bathroom floor. Keep reading

How incredible is my body!

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The pre-teen and teen years can be rough on a girl. Knowing that our girls (well, all of our kids) are going to take some kind of hit like that at some point in the future, I’ve set about to build them up just as high as I can so that when that hit does come it doesn’t knock them completely flat. That doesn’t mean I’m constantly telling them they are beautiful and smart. Although I do tell them that. … And I hope I’m leading by example. Keep reading

Things to think about

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Little kids and shots. Vacation days. Dwarf planets. The language of the human condition. Keep reading

How to Make a Sibling (or two)

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Since we brought them home a year ago today, it’s time for the exciting conclusion… Keep reading

News making me think

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Some recent news stories that made me think, some more deeply than others. Keep reading