How incredible is my body!

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The pre-teen and teen years can be rough on a girl. There are physical changes, social changes, school changes. It’s a rough time. And I’ve seen many studies where the researchers consistently show that a girl’s feelings of worth, beauty, and intelligence just take a nose dive during that time. Knowing that our girls (well, all of our kids) are going to take some kind of hit like that at some point in the future, I’ve set about to build them up just as high as I can so that when that hit does come it doesn’t knock them completely flat.

That doesn’t mean I’m constantly telling them they are beautiful and smart. Although I do tell them that. But I spend a whole lot of time telling Iddo right now (and will do the same for the other two as they get older) how great it is that she’s trying so hard and that things are hard at first but then we keep trying. I talk to her about how absolutely amazing her body is, that it can heal itself when she gets a bruise or a cut, that it can turn food into energy, that it can grow.

And I hope I’m leading by example. This body of mine is incredible! Considering my medical history it’s astounding how many injuries I’ve recovered from (and not a single injury with a good story yet!). It does heal itself. And it grows. And it grew people! I carried three human beings to just past 38 weeks pregnant, nourishing them from a clump of cells to a whole person! And then my body kept nourishing them! Iddo nursed for just over a year and Shimri and Shimei are at almost 19 months and going strong.

My body has completed three marathons! I’m currently training for my first half-marathon in February and last Saturday I ran, and pushed Iddo, for 7 straight miles, no stopping, and did it at a faster pace then I thought I would. Incredible!

My body can belly dance. Actually, anyone’s body can belly dance. And when you try it’s amazing to see all the different ways your body can move and what exactly it can do. We just got The Piano Guys latest album “Uncharted” and I really want someone to help me choreograph a belly dance routine to their song “Celloopa”.

Tonight my body will take the BEATT (bacon, egg (fried), avocado, tomato, on toast) sandwich we’ll have for dinner and turn it into the energy I need for tomorrow’s fun adventures. Modern technology can’t do anything like that.

My body is truly incredible.

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  1. Brett says:

    I hear it rumored that my body can belly dance better than most, even though I have yet to try it. :brett:

  2. Giggle

    I’m really trying hard to focus on my own body positivity so that I can likewise be a good example to my future progeny. It’s challenging, but I’m working on it. For example, my body has walked 8.61 miles and counting so far today! And does so almost daily! With all the issues I have with my feet and ankles, that’s a miracle! Sure, my feet hurt a bit, but it’s manageable and a good reminder to do some self care.


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