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For reasons I can’t fully understand myself, I organized an on-line talent show for a moms of multiples group I’m in on FaceBook. I gave everyone three weeks to get their talents ready to share and then this morning set up the place for everyone to share their photos, videos, links, or whatever, of whatever talents they had.

These are the instructions I gave:

Where: Right here! We’ll have a dedicated thread on the day of the “show” for you to share your talents.

How? Share a video, photo, link, etc., that will show us your talent. Unfortunately, this talent show will not allow us to actually taste any cooking talents. But otherwise, it might actually be easier to share some talents here than at a traditional talent show.

What: Definitely share any traditional talent show talents, but let’s also share those that don’t typically get included in a talent show. Some possible ideas include:
• singing
• musical instruments
• dancing
• theatrical readings
• sewing skills
• needlework
• yarn arts
• painting
• sculpting
• gardening
• writing
• poetry
• photography
• stand-up comedy
• cooking (we’ll have to settle for recipes and photos)
• skeet shooting
• deer skinning
• swimming
• diving
• skiing
• ice skating
• curling (please tell me we have a member who curls)
• organizing your car or your pantry
• make-up or hair
• keeping your house clean with multiples running around
• staying on top of laundry
• getting a good deal
• mad tandem feeding skills
• how fast you are at changing a diaper
• how many kids you can get in a shopping cart and still get groceries for your family
• things you can do while wearing a baby
• talent for getting a toddler to eat what you fixed
• car maintenance
• wood working
• making others smile

These are the talents I shared with the group:

The four quilts I designed and made for our kids. I love the set they make.

These are the wall quilts we hang by our front door, a picnic blanket I made, and the pillow covers we have for the different seasons. All designed by me.

Brett has joked with me about needing to make a tutorial for this skill of mine for a while. So I finally did. He thinks it’s very impressive.

What talents can you share?

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  1. 1 person giggled

    I love that you did this!

    One of my talents is meal planning and execution. Sometimes it means my fridge looks relatively bare, because I don’t need all that much. But I’m very honest with myself about my upcoming week, my energy levels, schedule, and what I already have on hand and can create a functional, delicious, and usual healthy meal plan for the week. Food rarely goes bad at our house, and we can stay on our grocery budget.

  2. Brett says:
    1 person giggled

    Get any deer skinners? :brett:

  3. Heidi says:
    1 person giggled

    I love the applause at the end! I’m not that neat with my sock folding–I usually just roll them–but I don’t need help matching things up…most of the time!

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