Pyeong Chang 2018 Closing Ceremonies

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Olympic ringsAnother Olympics in the books. Thanks for joining us for our Olympic commentary. We certainly had a good time doing it. I’m excited to see what our growing commentating team does in 2.5 years in Tokyo. Enjoy!

Amanda: From a production assistant who graduated from BYU and now works at NBC.

🤦🏼‍ Canadian skier arrested, accused of stealing car at Winter Olympics
We saw Stephano at the airport. Saw his name and jacket and wondered what his sport was. Did not expect this.
Esports get a cool reception at Winter Games
Adorable children in tiger hats!
Had the first 13 minutes on mute, but they seem cool. Might have to watch this part on replay.
Definitely cool now.
The silver medalist at the victory ceremony for the men’s cross country skiing has a hat that makes him look like a Smurf.
We now have some dancing pianos? 🤨
If Beyoncé and Lady Gaga had a Korean baby, this K-pop Star would be it.
Handover to Beijing time! Of course there is a panda! No! Two pandas!
I’ve been to so many places on this Beijing video! The panda ice skates at the Summer Palace!
The heart gloves! I considered buying some!
Ooh. I think you’ll like the snow globe bit.
I saw this!

Lisa: Oyf!
Um… no.
That’s something we’ll watch for.

Amanda: Yeah. I’m fine with there being video game competitions. But I’m with Ted Ligety on this one.

Lisa: When snowboarding was invented it was called snurfing. Brett thinks we should go back to that name.

Amanda: I like it! Snow + surfing. It makes sense.

Lisa: I want a paint splattered snow suit.
Those traditional hats that keep the back of their necks warm look like a smart idea.
Tiger hats!

Amanda: Prettier than the Russian ones.

Lisa: How many countries are there in the world?
Guy from Tonga is wearing a coat.

Amanda: Wolfram Alpha says there are 206 sovereign states.
Not later he isn’t.

Lisa: I’ll watch.
Probably depends on who is counting since some countries don’t recognize others.

Amanda: True.

Lisa: The girls are doing their version of ice dancing to the music playing during the athletes coming in.

Amanda: Fun!

Lisa: We had the first bit on mute because we were talking with grandparents. I’ll watch it again on the rebroadcast.

Amanda: I was on the phone with Blake off and on the whole time, so I definitely missed things.

Lisa: Our athletes have regular mittens this time.
“The Ameri-curl on ice.” Referring to our win in men’s curling.

Amanda: Heh. I think I saw that pun somewhere.

Lisa: I want a drone light show at my next event.

Amanda: They are really cool.

Lisa: Remembering athletes who have passed away. Dandelions are for new beginnings. Turtle for long life.

Amanda: Ohhh. Interesting.

Lisa: Numbers- passage of time.
Pushing boundaries, overcoming obstacles, beating time.

Amanda: I understood none of that, it seems.

Lisa: It was the black and white light dance thing.
Accurate description.
“Why are no kids crying about the fireworks?”
– Shimei


Lisa: I do like the snow globe portion.

Amanda: The definitive ranking of Norway’s Olympic curling pants

Lisa: Love it.
Now I watch the rebroadcast to catch what I missed during the bedtime routine.

Amanda: I wonder if I can find it too. I want to watch stuff with commentary and just audio in general.

Lisa: During a lot of the Olympics I felt like I was watching the future. Today I’m watching the past. Not sure when I watched the present.

Amanda: Maybe the last time the Olympics were in your time zone?

Lisa: It was fun watching so much of it live.

Amanda: It worked well for the evening broadcasts to be the next day’s events.

Lisa: Definitely.

Amanda: Watching the replay! I’ll FF through the stuff I don’t care about. Like this interview with Ivanka Trump. No thank you

Lisa: Lightbulb in this room just blew. Lightbulbs don’t last long in our house. It’s weird.

Amanda: Don’t care or don’t need to watch. Like the athletes parade. That was long enough yesterday.
I don’t think I’ve ever had to replace one here get.
Wow to Jonny Weir’s hair.

Lisa: The tiger hats the performers wear for the ceremonies are fun.

Amanda: So stinking cute.

Lisa: Huh. 102 performers in paint splattered suits because there were 102 events.
I wish I could fast forward through the pop performances. I’m not much of a concert goer so that part of the opening and closing ceremonies never interests me.

Amanda: That makes sense.
I look forward to actually hearing the combination of traditional and modern instruments.
Did I hear right that the guitarist is a boy?

Lisa: I like the traditional type of music.
Yup. And he’s 13.
Norway should curl in those light suits.

Amanda: I thought he was a girl. 🤭
I would watch that.

Lisa: Brett thinks this tune is on his Baroque Pandora station.

Amanda: I think I saw it was Vivaldi’s Winter, so probably.

Lisa: Definitely a unique arrangement of it. Also, perfect for the Winter Olympics.

Amanda: For sure!
FFed through the parade, but caught the tail end. Way more closeups on the Americans than in the live version.
300 drones!

Lisa: Of course.

Lisa: The parade is just starting for us. No fast forwarding for us. 🙁
Iddo wanted to know why our flag bearer is called the glitter fairy so I had to repeat that she puts glitter on her cheeks for races.
The NBC Olympic website has SERIOUS design flaws because I can never find what I’m looking for.

Amanda: Ha!
Lame. I’ve been pretty happy with the Roku app.

Lisa: Brett wanted to know how the athlete from Togo fared and I had to go to Google to find it because the NBC website isn’t obvious, if it’s even possible, how to look up results by country.
I even tried searching “Togo” on the NBC site and there wasn’t even a mention of the country.

Amanda: I wonder if the official PyeongChang app or website would work better.

Lisa: The official app told me they had 1 athlete but I still had to go to Wikipedia to find out how that athlete did.

Amanda: Lame.

Lisa: is a bit better.

Amanda: That’s good.
I didn’t notice that the kids in the snow globe section had coats that light up! I want one!

Lisa: I know! And a tiger hat. Which apparently are not currently for sale.

Amanda: 😔

Lisa: I want fiber optics in the fur color of my coat.

Amanda: I need a new coat. Might as well be one with fiber optics.

Lisa: Exactly.
I did not know there were different flags for the Winter and Summer Olympics.
We’re having a series of Asian Olympics between now and 2022.
I like that they use the LED squares in the audience to make it look like people are taking photos.

Amanda: Are they visually different or just physically different? I must have missed that.

Lisa: Apparently they’re just physically different.

Amanda: I realized this too. If we’re still here or back or nearby, I will try to go!

Lisa: They’ve been passing this one around for Winter Olympics since 1960 something.

Amanda: That’s cool.

Lisa: I remember watching the 2008 Olympics “with” you shortly after I moved to Tucson.

Amanda: I remember that too.

Lisa: You need an LED panda suit to go with your fiber optic coat.
Apparently Tokyo is having a hard time with their mascot because it’s not as cute as the Korean one.

Amanda: You know, I think you’re right.
I don’t even remember if I’ve seen it.

Lisa: Lighted dragon!
From what I was reading, Tokyo hasn’t settled on one, but the options presented are not being well received.

Amanda: That explains why I haven’t seen one. C’mon Japan. We can do kawaii!
Kawaii = cute.

Lisa: The current options aren’t cute enough or look too much like Pokémon.

Amanda: I’m sure they’ll figure something out.

Lisa: This is what I learned while trying to figure out if you can buy tiger hats.

Amanda: Hehe. Excellent.

Lisa: Hooray for another Olympics!
Tokyo in 2.5 years. It’s amazing to think of the commentary my kids will be doing by then. All three of them will be able to pay attention to what’s going on.

Amanda: Um, four?

Lisa: Right. Four.

Amanda: You have four kids.

Lisa: Sorry. Izri isn’t fully walking yet so he’s normally tied to me so I only count three kids wandering around.

Amanda: That’s fair. But he will be much more mobile and talkative in 2.5 years.

Lisa: Although I put him down on the floor when we got to church today and in the time it took me to put our fleece tail down the crack so we wouldn’t loose a whole bunch of crayons down the crack later Izri crawled under the bench to visit the stake Primary presidency members who were visiting for ward conference and seated in the row behind us. Only Izri is having HUGE separation and stranger issues right now so he definitely wasn’t happy with where he found himself.

Amanda: Ha!

2 shared thoughts about Pyeong Chang 2018 Closing Ceremonies

  1. Brett says:

    “Canadian skier arrested, accused of stealing car at Winter Olympics” At least it wasn’t the Americans embarrassing themselves. This time.

    “If Beyoncé and Lady Gaga had a Korean baby, this K-pop Star would be it.” Well, Lady Gaga was born that way, but I’m not so sure Beyoncé would go for it. And by “that way,” of course I mean having Korean tendencies.

    “I like it! Snow + surfing. It makes sense.” Yeah, OK, you didn’t have to have it explained to you, but it was spoken to me, not written, OK?

    “Probably depends on who is counting since some countries don’t recognize others.” I’ve always wondered how you could fail to recognize a country. What did they do? Paint the whole thing ocean color?

    “During a lot of the Olympics I felt like I was watching the future. Today I’m watching the past. Not sure when I watched the present.” I’m discovering parenting is a lot like that.

    “Like this interview with Ivanka Trump. No thank you” I know! Stupid Hillary Clinton supporter (in her defense, her father also contributed to some of Hillary’s campaigns before the 2016 election).

    “The official app told me they [Togo] had 1 athlete but I still had to go to Wikipedia to find out how that athlete did.” Huh. I could’ve sworn they had at least twice that many.

    “C’mon Japan. We can do kawaii!” No kidding! Have you seen the little turtles that Mario kicks down the endless abyss? We have the Japanese to thank for that. :run: :turtle:

    “You have four kids.” Yes, but we could have twice that many in 2.5 years, given our history of twins.

    It’s been a pleasure joining you ladies for what is now a trip down memory lane. Glad I finished before the posts scrolled off my reader. See you in a couple more years!


  2. Giggle

    Brett, we are happy to have you! I wouldn’t have figured snurfing out so quickly audibly either.


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