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Just doing my part to pass them around the internet. (A form of modern folklore.)

Expressions of Love

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Last night as I was putting Shimri to sleep and she was taking her sweet time I started texting Brett a series of questions I saw a few other women on Facebook asking their husbands. It was entertaining and I loved Brett’s answers. … There are so many ways large and small to express our love. The important thing is that we do it. Keep reading

Small world

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Four lists of 11 for the Liebster Award. Making the world a little smaller with the internet. Keep reading

All or nothing

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When I go out I’m generally either going to school, which requires a whole big bag, or I’m with Brett, in which case I depend on him to have keys and money. … Here’s the all… Keep reading

Dr. Seuss solves it all

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What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? What are your favorite Dr. Seuss quotes? Or even, what are some of your favorite bats? Keep reading

Biography in a Box

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“In a shoebox or some other container, you will collect up to 5 items that reflect or represent important aspects of yourself” … Keep reading

A Moment in Time

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* Take a picture at 15:00 UTC/GMT on May 2nd (That’s 11am on the East coast, 8am on the West). … Keep reading

Book Lover’s Questionnaire

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35. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading? I don’t remember ever not loving reading. And I fully blame my parents for that. And I hope it’s something my kids will blame me for. … Keep reading