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Just doing my part to pass them around the internet. (A form of modern folklore.)

Top 10 of 2009

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Time Magazine did a The Top 10 of Everything of 2009. And they certainly did get everything. And it got me thinking. If I were to make a bunch of “top 10” lists for my year, what kind of lists would I have and what would be on them? … Keep reading

Yes, No, and Numbers

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A random series of yes/no questions, and a list of states/countries I’ve visited/lived in. Keep reading

Friday at Five

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Five things for a Friday afternoon. Keep reading

Randomly random

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There is a meme going around Facebook where in you write down 25 random things about you and then tag 25 of your friends with the idea that they will then do the same. Except if you are tagging someone … Keep reading

My name is…

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I read recently an article about nicknames (What’s in a nickname – BBC). It is interesting to think about how they come to be and who uses them. So I’m going to think about it here for a minute. I … Keep reading

Give me five!

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Tagged by Sally 5 things – 5 things I was doing 10 years ago (January 1999): junior year at BYU working in a third grade classroom as part of my elementary education classes working custodial at the HFAC writing Elena … Keep reading


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I think memes are interesting just from the folklore aspect of them. Over the last month or so I’ve seen several on friends’ blogs. And I was even tagged in one of them. So I’ll give a few of them … Keep reading