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Just doing my part to pass them around the internet. (A form of modern folklore.)

And on your left you will see my life

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Laylabean suggested keeping track of everything you do in one day and posting it. She thought Monday or Tuesday of this week would be good. I didn’t keep track of times like she did, so all my times are in … Keep reading

Books I have read

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There is a blog meme going around that I’ve heard someone is waiting for me to participate in. Unfortunately, I won’t be. At least not exactly. The meme is a list of 100 books that you are supposed to mark … Keep reading

Two Words

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Taken from Heidi’s blog because I thought I should do something that didn’t require a whole lot of thought. And because I’m procrastinating doing laundry. Have fun and try not to use the same answers as the person before you!Remember … Keep reading


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Saturday night I wrote a blog about how memories and lembranças are some of the best gifts. Which is a perfect lead in to another sort-of meme. This one I’m taking from my friend Mikey’s blog. There are two rules … Keep reading

The ABCs of Me

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I saw this on my friend Karie’s blog and realized it’s been a while since I did a meme. I even have a category for them now. So here it goes. Her husband has one on his blog I’m going … Keep reading

A quilt of you

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I’m turning 30 next month. And that keeps striking me as quite a milestone that needs to be celebrated. Saturday it came to me to make a quilt to commemorate my presence on earth for three decades. An appropriate quilt … Keep reading

Meme: Cultural Viruses

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Someone elsewhere asked what a meme is. I knew how I’d describe it. I’d describe it as a blog thing, a list of really random questions that someone answers on their blog, and then they tag other readers to do … Keep reading