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Taken from Heidi’s blog because I thought I should do something that didn’t require a whole lot of thought. And because I’m procrastinating doing laundry.

Have fun and try not to use the same answers as the person before you!Remember you can only use 2 words!

1. Where is your cell phone? – mouse pad
2. One tattoo? – never know 😉
3. Your hair? – wonderfully straight
4. Your brother? – smart kid
5. Your sister? – amazing person
6. Your favorite color? – green, blue
7. Your dream last night? – oddly nothing
8. Your favorite beverage? – fun lemonades
9. Your dream/goal? – live life
10. The room you’re in? – front room
11. Your ex? – strange friend
12. Your fear? – moths, loneliness
13. Where do you want to be in 10 years? – somewhere exciting
14. Where were you last night? – hot tub
15. With who? – Shoe Guy
16. Muffins? – I should
17. One of your wish list items? – quilt room
18. Where you grew up? – El Paso
19. The last thing you did? – folded clothes
20. What are you wearing? – lounge clothes
21. Your TV? – works better
22. Your pets? – saguaro cactus
23. Your computer? – works okay
24. Your life? – rarely dull
25. Your mood? – tad confused
26. Missing someone? – missing something
28. Something you’re not wearing? – socks, shoes
29. Favorite Place? – peaceful places
30. Your summer? – storms, quiet
31. Love someone? – of course
32. Your favorite shape? – circle, dodecahedron
33. Last time you laughed? – last night
34. Last time you cried? – can’t remember
35. Who will repost this? – other people

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