Monthly Archives: September 2008

Meeting Goobi!

Categories: Family, Gospel, Happy Things

I got to spend the weekend with my sister, her husband, and Goobi (my nephew), my mom, my dad, and my brother. That’s all of us. My brother-in-law blessed my nephew in Church on Sunday. So we all made sure … Keep reading

Another free t-shirt

Categories: Exercise

Back in June I paid $20 to register for an eleven mile trail race. That really isn’t that bad of a race registration. At the registration I got a free pair of running socks because I registered so early. Yesterday … Keep reading

Apples for homework

Categories: Education

Today is Johnny Appleseed day. Seven years ago today I was in Mexico doing my student teaching. I was in the town of Colonia Juaréz, a town with lots of apple and peach orchards. One of my students brought apples … Keep reading

The Phone Call

Categories: Random

I was cleaning off my phone this week, erasing old text messages and clearing out the call logs, who called me, who I called, who called when I didn’t answer. It was interesting and I started noticing patterns. I’m not … Keep reading

Welcome to Fall!

Categories: Books, Happy Things, Science & Tech

Yesterday was the official first day of Autumn. It seemed like the perfect time for the colors to change on my website and blog just as they are changing on the leaves of the trees in places of the country … Keep reading

I like elephants, oh yes I do

Categories: Family, Happy Things

There are 29 elephants in my living room, that you can see.

The things I do for a free t-shirt

Categories: Education, Health, Random

Next Friday I’ll be participating in a visual neuro-cognitive brain study with MRIs on campus. They needed right handed people who are native English speakers and don’t have any metal in their body. That’s me! So I e-mailed and told … Keep reading