The things I do for a free t-shirt

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Next Friday I’ll be participating in a visual neuro-cognitive brain study with MRIs on campus. They needed right handed people who are native English speakers and don’t have any metal in their body. That’s me! So I e-mailed and told them I was interested. Yesterday they called and asked me questions for 15 minutes to see if I’d qualify, and I do. Me and my boring drug-free healthy life. Next Friday I go in for the study and the MRI stuff.

The e-mail also said that participants would either be given money or the MRI pictures of their brain as compensation.

I’m torn. What do I take? Pictures of my brain would be real cool. Do I go for the pictures or the money?

Also, if any of my readers in Tucson are right handed native English speakers and would be interested, let me know and I’ll get you the contact information.

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  1. Mimi says:

    That is a tough one! Picture of your brain that you would have for a while or money that you need to buy something? I really am not sure what I would pick, good luck on that. If you get the picture would you post it online? I would like to see it!

  2. Giggle

    Depends on how much money it is I suppose. A picture of your brain would be a great conversation piece.

    Alas, I would not qualify. My perma-retainer and all the metal in my feet would, apparently, be bad.

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