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Happy Halloween!

Categories: Happy Things, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

I don’t like scary stuff. I don’t need candy (don’t need to give other people candy either). But I do like Halloween. I like Halloween because it happens in the Fall when leaves are pretty colors and it’s cooling off. … Keep reading

Sad things in Utah

Categories: Education, Life, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting, Science & Tech, Work

I keep up with the news in Utah. Last night I read one of the sadder things I’ve read in a long time. Zim’s is closing. 🙁 How can that be? I love Zim’s. If you ever needed anything craft … Keep reading

Here comes November!!

Categories: Random, Science & Tech

Last November I participated in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). The object was to post every day for a month. And I did it. And it was a great mental-exercise-stretch-your-mind-see-how-long-you-can-talk-about-nothing kind of thing. Several of my friends did on their … Keep reading

Why I am on-line late at night

Categories: Gospel, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting, Random, Relationships

Other titles for this blog: Odd ways to say hello Names have been changed to protect the guilty, innocent, and unsuspecting. I’m innocently online looking at a few things late at night when suddenly an IM window pops up. My … Keep reading

The Value of a Marriage

Categories: Family, Gospel, Politics

In class recently someone commented that the value of marriage was going down in society today. The other students were only too ready to agree. They said there were many reasons not to get married, it seems more than reasons … Keep reading

Huh? Vegas?

Categories: Questions

Someone explain the appeal of Vegas to me, because I just don’t get it. What is so exciting about throwing money away with nothing to show for it? When I am flying, if there is any way to avoid the … Keep reading

Knowledge is Power

Categories: Education, Folks, News, Politics

I’m taking statistics for my degree right now. I’m not that bad at it actually. I can handle the hand calculations great. I have a bit of a problem with the numbers the computer spits out at me and figuring … Keep reading