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Back in June I paid $20 to register for an eleven mile trail race. That really isn’t that bad of a race registration. At the registration I got a free pair of running socks because I registered so early.

Yesterday I went and picked up my race packet. I got a free smoothie, a key ring with a compass on it and a flashing tail light I can attach to my waist band so cars can see that they are coming towards me if I run when it is dark. Free stuff!

This morning I woke up at 4:00 and stumbled out of bed. I put on my running clothes and drove out to the clear other side of town. I got on a bus and they took us to a state park. I stood in the dark chill for over an hour and then ran 11 miles up and down mountains and stairs and almost all of it on a sandy trail. Note, I am not a trail runner. I did not like that sand at all. The hard stuff wasn’t bad, but that sand was a killer. Considering how much I had trained, I did just as well as I expected to – I maintained a 12 minute mile over the whole course. The hills did my hips and knees in though. My left knee is going to be feeling this for a while. Stink bugs don’t come out till 7:30 I noticed though. And I got through about 60 chapters in Psalms.

As I crossed the finish line I got a bottle of water and one of a sport drink, as well as a tech shirt. Then over in the pre-race area they had free breakfast burritos (they were good, but the timing was bad) and more free smoothies.

And that’s what I did for this free t-shirt, pay $20 and run 11 miles. Only it was worth it. These tech shirts can cost $30-$40 in the store. So it was a very good deal. Now to make friends with my left knee and right hip again.

I’ll update on my other “free t-shirt” story some time next week I’d imagine.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Okay, I like free stuff, but I don’t think I would ever do all that for a free shirt! You are amazing, and I am still waiting to hear what you decided about your brain pictures.


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