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Sacred honor

Categories: Gospel

Sacred adj: consecrated, made holy; reverently dedicated; regarded with reverence; secured against violation. Honor n: honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions; high respect; a source of credit or distinction; purity; good name; reputation; a code of integrity, … Keep reading


Categories: Happy Things

Who are those that are truly rich? Recently I was watching reruns of Mad About You and it was the episode titled “Money Changes Everything.” Ira’s ex returns. The back story is that after leaving Ira she married a count … Keep reading

Pursuit of Happiness

Categories: Happy Things, Musings, Relationships

Happiness: Everyone’s entitled to pursue it, but no one is guaranteed to find it. Finding it is easier depending on what you are willing to let make you happy and how you define it though. I have a few quotes … Keep reading


Categories: Gospel

There are those who might say that because I follow the rules and commandments of my religion, that my life is limited. But it is by following those rules and commandments that I actually have true liberty. I’m free from … Keep reading


Categories: Life

How is life defined? Is life something with a nervous system like animals and insects? What about plants? Is life determined by things that need oxygen and water and have carbon in them? So then what about anaerobic bacteria that … Keep reading


Categories: Random

Rights are an interesting concept. Some people seem to feel that they have the right to do whatever they want. That is really not the case. If everyone does whatever they want, then it is anarchy. You only have rights … Keep reading

The Marathon

Categories: Exercise, Family, Health

We are taking a break from the month’s theme today to bring a brief story of the Marathon. The Good I finished. I finished faster than I did 11 years ago (5:18:46.6 officially this time) and at a pretty good … Keep reading