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Endowed by their Creator

Categories: Life

While I was in Brasil, one of my companions and I started saying “mais bençãos” (more blessings) whenever anything would happen, especially things that might have seemed like something bad. The idea was that we would be blessed in our … Keep reading


Categories: Books, Education, Happy Things

I never quite understand people who say they don’t like poetry. I believe the problem though is how they define it. Their definition is far, far too narrow. And the poetry that fits their definition does not appeal to them. … Keep reading


Categories: Education, Politics, Science & Tech

Education is something of a rallying cry for me. It is my crusade. If I were in charge of the world, or even just this country, there would be some big changes in education. One of the things I would … Keep reading

Causes Which Impel

Categories: Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

Why do I do the things I do? I have written a bit recently about why I run, and more specifically why I will be running a marathon on Thursday. I have written more times than I can remember about … Keep reading


Categories: Happy Things, Proclamations

I hereby proclaim myself a wonderful person and put forward this start to my personal bill of rights. I have the right to eat chocolate and to believe that it makes me feel better even if there is no scientific … Keep reading


Categories: Books, Politics

Everyone has an opinion. And everyone thinks their opinion is worth something. But not all opinions are created equal. There are educated opinions and uneducated ones. The educated ones are always worth more. Unfortunately, those with uneducated ones are often … Keep reading

Decent Respect

Categories: Relationships

I am a huge fan of chivalry (kindness and courteousness especially towards women). I love when my date opens doors for me. I love when he makes sure he’s on the street side of the walk. It’s things like helping … Keep reading