Monthly Archives: June 2008

Desert Storms

Categories: Happy Things

I opened my door this evening so I could go run some errands and was overwhelmed by the sweet smell of a coming storm. It’s been over 100 degrees almost every day this month, approaching 110 and beyond some days. … Keep reading

Ankle Update

Categories: Exercise, Happy Things, Health

I met with a physical therapist today. I do that regularly. This is the first time in almost a year and a half though, so that’s a good run for me. And the last one was for my shoulders. I … Keep reading

The Sunday News

Categories: Education, Exercise, Happy Things, News, Random, Science & Tech, Venting

I have several different news articles all on similar topics that should eventually appear as separate blogs. But today I just wanted to comment on several random stories all at once. => The original story about this is sad. A … Keep reading

The Decline of Reading

Categories: Books, Education, News

Earlier this week NPR did a story titled “Is the Internet Making Us Stupid?” The title caught my attention as I was skimming through article titles in my feed that morning. So I marked it as one to listen to. … Keep reading

The Marathon

Categories: Exercise, Family, Happy Things, Health

I am planning to run a marathon next month. Several people think that is crazy. Last week on my long run I injured my peroneal tendon, the peroneus longus tendon to be exact. This has prompted a few more comments … Keep reading

A quilt of you

Categories: Books, Education, Exercise, Family, Gospel, Happy Things, Health, Meme, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting, Relationships, Science & Tech

I’m turning 30 next month. And that keeps striking me as quite a milestone that needs to be celebrated. Saturday it came to me to make a quilt to commemorate my presence on earth for three decades. An appropriate quilt … Keep reading

Marriage, it’s not about love

Categories: Family, Gospel, Politics, Relationships

In light of events today, I would like to state unequivocally that I am not now, nor will I ever be, ashamed nor embarrassed for my position on marriage. It is not a marriage when it is between two people … Keep reading