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I have several different news articles all on similar topics that should eventually appear as separate blogs. But today I just wanted to comment on several random stories all at once.

=> The original story about this is sad. A dramatic and sudden increase in the number of teen pregnancies has one principal saying that several of the girls made a pact to all become pregnant together. The mayor of the town is now questioning it. What stood out to me on this story though, was the pronunciation guide included for the name of the town. Why? I don’t know.

=> While preparing for the 2012 Olympics in London, they found a WWII bomb in a river that had not exploded. They were able to safely detonate it, but it makes me wonder how many others are out there. Who knows what might have happened if they had not found it and safely detonated it in a controlled way. War is a stupid idea. Its effects rarely end when the peace treaty is signed.

=> While over in Scotland they are now performing theatre for dogs. Brilliant says I! Although I do wonder how you determine what is age appropriate material for dogs.

=> There have been several heat advisories this weekend as temperatures went beyond hot, and reached real hot, i.e. at or above 110. So the weather forecast for today cracked me up. Four words and then the forecast.

Wow – a cooling trend! High 108 / Low 75

=> Just how stupid can some people be? I should probably stop asking that question because the answer is never a good one. Joan Rivers was asked to leave a live daytime TV show after being told not to swear, after being told the show was live and not time delayed, she swore anyway. Is she really that stupid and forgetful? And she thought the whole thing was funny. Yup. She’s really that stupid. She was told the format of the show and what was acceptable and not. She was never someone I particularly liked a lot to begin with, but stupidity such as that cannot be tolerated.

Unfortunately we seem to tolerate it a lot in this country. There was a reaction to it in the Deseret News. People do stupid things and the culture remembers it for maybe a moment before it returns to its vomit. Something happens to bring us together and raise us up, and we remember it for a moment before sinking back down to the mire. It often does not even seem like two steps forward one step backwards. More like maybe half a shuffle forward and then a full step back. Depressing really. Let’s see if I can find another good story.

=> Let’s see. We’ve talked about dogs and theater. How about snails and e-mail? Some snails have been fitted with RFID chips. You can send an e-mail through the website. One of the snails will randomly pick it up and then randomly go to the other side of the tank and send it. E-mail at the break neck speed of 0.03mph!! My friend Elena and I used to send each other “snail” or traditional mail by post, and we’d e-mail each other to say it was coming. I wonder which would arrive first, a message sent by post, a message sent by snail, or perhaps I can find an owl.

=> I think I’ll finish today with the Sports section of the news. I love my country, but I think I will be cheering for Israel during the men’s marathon this Summer at the Olympics. Haile Satayin will be one of the oldest athletes at this Summer’s Olympics. I doubt I’ll be competing in the Olympics at his age (48 or 53 depending on who you talk to). But I want to still be running then. And this column written for the Deseret News by a first time triathlete. caught my attention. I won’t win too many of the races I run, especially the bigger ones. I run to answer questions about myself that I’m the only one asking.

Ta-da. There’s the Sunday News Miss Giggles style. Nothing terribly important, but hopefully a few things of interest.

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  1. Miss Giggles says:

    The newspaper’s weather reports here crack me up. The report on June 27th:

    Ka-boom! Flash! (but not a lot)
    High 103 / Low 74

    We’ve since had many ka-booms and flashes. The storms are great.

  2. Miss Giggles says:

    The official website and blog of snail mail!!

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