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China – I read about that in a book

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The tragedy of the destruction in China is appalling. The stories that have been catching my attention about it though are those about the families that lost their only child, and just how many of those families there are because … Keep reading

Wonky buildings, inflatable colons, blown glass, and a vent

Categories: Health, News, Random, Venting

Pisa’s leaning tower stabilized: There are some stories about engineers that just make me smile. What’s so wonky about the church steeple in Germany that makes it more wonky than a building that’s been falling over for more than 800 … Keep reading

Now just do that 9 times … in a row

Categories: Exercise

My training calendar said to run three miles yesterday. It didn’t say to do them at goal pace, but I decided to see just how fast I could run three miles. My goal pace is eight minute miles. It’s quite … Keep reading

The Sunday News

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Yes, I have other things I want to write about, but there are just so many funny news stories to comment on. I have deeper thoughts coming though. Town moves against Islamic school: This story just makes me sick. It’s … Keep reading

Books, really long telescopes, and the amazing world of the microbe

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Giant “telescope” links London, New York: How cool is this idea? I’ve always wanted to go to London. Could I at least get to New York in the next month and look at it? Also reported by the BBC in … Keep reading

News comments and a thought about cereal

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Recently I’ve heard a few commercials for Total cereal. Their commercials always claim that you should eat Total in the morning because it provides you with 100% of your recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals, while you’d have to … Keep reading

Curitiba, a cidade mais bonita

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Sunday the Deseret News published a story about the Curitiba temple open house and dedication. My heart is full when I think of the blessing that my friends there will have. My heart is with them and the rest of … Keep reading