Now just do that 9 times … in a row

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My training calendar said to run three miles yesterday. It didn’t say to do them at goal pace, but I decided to see just how fast I could run three miles. My goal pace is eight minute miles. It’s quite the pace.

I bought a Timex Ironman watch a few months ago because it has 30 lap memory. And for a marathon I’m really only going to need 26 “laps,” so it’s perfect.

First mile – 7:50.06
Second mile -8:04.12
Third mile – 7:20.43
Total – 23:14.61

Yippy!! That is a PR for me. I don’t think I’ve ever run 3 miles that fast, not even for a 5K race. And my knee was just fine. And my foot was just fine. I only had to deal with side stitches for a bit in the middle. The first mile felt a bit off, but the last mile felt great.
Now I just need to do that nine times in a row and I’ll qualify for Boston. If I think about it too much, my legs will fall off in protest.

3 shared thoughts about Now just do that 9 times … in a row

  1. mom says:

    Then Don’t Think, we don’t want your legs to fall off.

  2. admin says:

    Today’s five mile run results. I wasn’t particularly trying to run my goal pace today, but I wasn’t too far off it.

    Mile 1: 8:52.03
    Mile 2: 9:40.17
    Mile 3: 8:09.28
    Mile 4: 8:30.11
    Mile 5: 8:40.96
    Total: 43:52.55

  3. Aimee says:

    Those times are awesome. Here’s a time for you. I walked Brooklynn 1 mile to school downhill, it took me 30 minutes and I had side stiches the whole time. I wish I was as in good of shape as you!


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