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Yes, I have other things I want to write about, but there are just so many funny news stories to comment on. I have deeper thoughts coming though.

Town moves against Islamic school: This story just makes me sick. It’s no wonder there is no peace on earth with people like those living in Camden, Australia. How stupid, arrogant, and pigheaded can a group of people be?

Patients Wrongly Certified Dead: Brett, do NOT read this story. Maybe even skip down to the next one I’m commenting on and ignore this one completely. How well trained can they be if it even happens!? My word! I think my favorite part of the story though is at the very beginning where it states that in each instance the mistake was later realised. Really? Ya think? What was your first clue that you’d wrongly declared them dead?42D

Spanish village holds baby jump: So, let me get this straight. You dress up like the devil and jump over babies and the devil goes away? There’s something I’m not getting here. But at least the babies are bemused.

Runners take to capital’s streets: I want to run a marathon in Scotland. That sounds like an excellent excuse to go there. I shall think about it for next year. They expect almost half to finish under 3 hours?! I’d definitely get a personal best if I ran that one. I’m hoping to finish in 3.5 this summer.

Premature babies “need cuddles”: I think all people “need cuddles.” I’m not a premature baby, but I know that cuddles reduce my stress and anxiety levels. I hope if I’m ever a parent in that situation that the hospital will be up on the latest research and let me hold my baby.

Cities of the dead: This article caught my attention because of the budding folklorist in me. Cemeteries are fascinating cultural records. How often do you think about what people put on their grave? How often do you wonder about what people used to put on their graves? Not often enough I’d imagine. Cemeteries are full of information, and more than just names and dates. The graves can tell a lot about how the person lived and when they died. I just might have to go look up the book mentioned in the article.

Some fees rising in local schools: I know I’ve commented on this before, but I find it incredulous that there are even fees to begin with. The ones mentioned in this article are a bit more understandable, but the other fees – I thought public education was paid for by the government. Except the Utah government has never caught on to that idea.

Beetles light up computer research: Soon we’ll have computers with bug monitors and bacteria processors. The term “computer bug” is going to take on a whole new meaning.

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  1. Giggle

    I LOVE Scotland. I want to go back now. I also “need cuddles”. I got some on my birthday. In a hammock. Shortly before a yummy barbecue dinner and cake and ice cream. It was a lovely day. Also, cemeteries are fascinating.
    I’m probably not going to get anything productive done today. 🙂


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