Books, really long telescopes, and the amazing world of the microbe

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Giant “telescope” links London, New York: How cool is this idea? I’ve always wanted to go to London. Could I at least get to New York in the next month and look at it? Also reported by the BBC in “Tunnel” links New York to London

Teachers tempted to leave Calif.: Every time I hear a story like this, I’m even more glad that I never moved to California to teach in the first place. What looked like an amazing offer at the time has revealed itself to have been a bad decision. I’m grateful I never took that road.

Working classes “have lower IQs”: I’d question Dr. Charlton’s statements too. Can he really believe that? How low is his IQ? Just about everyone agrees anymore that IQ tests aren’t accurate descriptions of intelligence anyway. I could point out several examples of people from the supposed upper class who have abysmal IQs. The media does a pretty good job of doing that for us though.

Addicted to text messaging = Part 1 & Part 2: Is it an addiction? Or is it a lack of the ability to communicate with people in any other way? I think it’s a telling sign on society that people talk more through keyboards, of all sizes, than they do with their voice or face to face. I think I’ll go out and look at real people today.

Bacteria thrive in inner elbow; No harm done: I have never thought more about my inner elbow. What’s so different between my inner elbow and my inner arm? I like the idea of all the cells on my body and that are part of my body taking a vote. I’m not sure what they would vote on though. I think if they were to vote on running though, there would be days where it might almost be a unanimous decision.

Calculating Bacteria: Real Computer Bugs: Brett, maybe you should have taken a micro-biology class. Wouldn’t it be funny if we found the solution to p=np in the last cold virus you had?42D

Author Mo Willems on “Elephant and Piggie”: I really like how he describes easy readers as hard writers. I’ll have to check out these books.

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    A blog about the telectroscope that is connecting New York and London right now.


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