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Recently I’ve heard a few commercials for Total cereal. Their commercials always claim that you should eat Total in the morning because it provides you with 100% of your recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals, while you’d have to eat 3, 7, 293 bowls of the other cereals to get what you get in one bowl of Total. It’s a nice marketing scheme, but I do not know anyone who eats just one bowl of cereal for the day and calls it good, eating absolutely nothing else all day. So I have no problem with my cereal not having 100% of everything. I’ll get the rest of it in the other stuff I eat during the day.

I saw some news articles yesterday about a court ruling that paper money discriminates against the blind (New York Times article 1, article 2; CNN article 1, article 2). I wonder why I never thought of that before. I remember learning in elementary school that you could tell the coins apart by feel, but I never even thought about paper money. I wonder what they can do to them that would be cost effective but also less discriminatory.

A warning on this next story, don’t read the article if you are squimish. Don’t read this paragraph if you are very squimish. It appears another sports caster has had a meeting with the business end of a javelin. And this guy got pictures of the javelin through his leg as well. What a trooper to do that! I’m amazed that it only took 13 stitches to close up that hole. That’s incredible. The coach’s response is classic though. His first thought is to be glad he brought an extra javelin. And the kid did go on to win the meet. The reason this story stuck out to me though was because I’ve seen this happen before. When we lived in El Paso, a television sports caster was out covering a track meet and he got struck through the leg with the javelin. The camera guy who was filming him at the time almost lost it. The sports caster was okay until he looked down and saw it sticking out of his leg. Maybe they should mark of the dangerous areas a bit better.

Hoard a Cord: The writer of this story might want to do some research before she sends her story to the press next time. Even if you do not maintain a land line number, you can plug a phone into a jack and call 911. So a corded phone is a good thing to have in your emergency kit.

These stairs were made for walking: This story made me chuckle. Good for them for combining the two. My office here is on the sixth floor, so there were days when I might take the elevator up. But the majority of the time I took the stairs. I always felt like smacking the people in the head who rode the elevator up to the third floor (the ground floor is the second floor). They looked like perfectly healthy people to me who might have gotten some good out of walking up one flight of stairs.

Professor makes black hole breakthroughs, ballads: Who says that professors are stuffy? His classes look like they would be a lot of fun. And I bet his students remember what they learned long after the final exam.

Google, Apple go head to head in ultimate frisbee: See, this is what corporate America needs more of – people running around throwing frisbees. It gets them out of their cubicles and into natural light. And it’s just fun to think of these companies competing like this.

Messages Too Juicy to Delete: I guess I should have figured I wasn’t the only one that saved fun messages on my voice mail. Mine would all fall under the category of family stuff as well. I don’t save the message from the mechanic calling to make sure my car is running fine. (Although that was a great message. How many people get a follow-up call like that from their mechanic? I miss my mechanic.) But I save short messages from my good friends and from my family. I even put my cell phone on speaker phone and recorded my favorites to the computer. I’m glad I did because when I changed phone numbers I lost those ones. And I wish I would’ve done that before unplugging my land line phone in Utah as well. I had some great messages on that phone I was saving.

American, Cutting Back, Plans $15 Bag Fee: It’s just going to snowball from here. Even if the cost of fuel goes back down to what it was 10 years ago, they won’t repeal the fee once it’s there. All the more reasons why I prefer driving.

Reform spells change for Portugal: I didn’t know you could legislate language like that, just get rid of silent letters and increase the letters in the alphabet. I don’t know that I’d agree to this. Sure it might make sense for internet searches and legal documents, kind of. But it’s those differences that make the countries special.

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